Why the Real Estate market will see growth through 2017

Continued economic expansion should lift much of the real estate industry nationwide over the next three years, though single-family housing may miss out on these same levels of growth. The Urban Land Institute found in its semi-annual real estate forecast released April 8 that its latest estimates for economic growth were more optimistic for 2015


How to protect a Foreign Real Estate investor from the IRS

[Orlando, Florida] As foreigners continue to invest in the United States it is imperative to understand the process and laws involved to insure the investor from potential ramifications. The IRS ( Internal Revenue Service) requires that foreign investor must deduct and withhold a tax equal to 10%  of the total sale price of the property

Publix real estate

Why Publix is buying property throughout Florida

Florida’s largest grocery store chain “Publix” is going on a shopping spree.. For Real Estate. Publix has budgeted to spend $1.3 billion in Real Estate in 2015. Because Publix has a cheaper cost of capital than a landlord’s cost of capital, their cost of occupancy is less than market rent. According to Publix’s spokesperson Publix

now-hiring real estate

[Orlando, FL] NOW HIRING: Real Estate Agents, NO DESK FEE

Our Florida real estate company VR Universal Realty has been in real estate for over 12 years. ♦ New & Existing Agents ♦ • NO DESK FEE! • Small Transaction Fee On Each Deal! • We have an in-house marketing team that does your marketing for you. • Take advantage of our in-house attorney, and title company.

rental condo

Why rental condos will be hard to find in the coming year

[Orlando, FL]    Now that home prices are rising, many investors and landlords are putting their investments back on the market for sale, thus reducing the availability for those looking to rent. This will result in an increase in investment opportunities and more options for home buyers. However this will reduce the availability of rental units