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What Is The Best Thing A Realtor Can Do For An Investor?

As a Realtor it is essential that you are presenting properties to Real Estate Investors in such a way that they are able to make a decision almost immediately based on the information you provide them. Here are a few methods: Send Comparables When You Send the Listing!! When you send a property to an

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Florida’s Real Estate Market UPDATE | Residential

Nearly 24,000 single-family homes were sold in Florida in August, up 9 percent compared to the year before. Time on the market is down and inventory is low. Houses at both the low and high end of the market are selling quickly. Florida, one of the states hit hardest by the Great Recession, is making a solid


Which Real Estate Markets in Florida are undervalued?

As a real estate market, Tampa Bay is both undervalued and relatively unknown. There are so many luxury home sales in Tampa bay that it doesn’t cover anything under $10 million. Tampa Bay hasn’t had a sale anywhere near that price since 2012. With their currencies dropping against the dollar, some foreign buyers no longer can afford

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Cash Real Estate Investors.. YOUR TIME HAS COME!!

Orlando , Florida | Cash Real Estate Investors your time has come, the market is picking up, buyers are looking, school is out for the summer, you have about 2 months to buy a house, renovate it and flip it to a family, it is as simple as that. Banks are getting rid of their

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Real Estate Foreign Investors coming to Florida

[Orlando, Florida] It is becoming a very common practice that foreign investors from countries like Canada, Brazil, England, India and Dubai are coming to the United States particularly Florida to invest in Real Estate. Where might you find these foreign investors? Well one thing is clear, investors from Brazil are flooding the Miami Real Estate

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How to Succeed In Real Estate | Part 2

Last week we saw Part 1 of How to Succeed In Real Estate, which talked about building a network of people and surrounding yourself with the right people in the industry. In Part 2 of How to Succeed In Real Estate we will look at how to get new real estate clients & customers on


How to Succeed in Real Estate | Part 1

Many of us have heard the rags to riches stories but the biggest unanswered question is How? How did an individual or company find a way to become successful in real estate ? What methods were used that you as an individual or company are not currently using or what are the strategies that are not readily available to


5 Smart Real Estate Moves That Will Pay You Back

1) Rent until you can stay put | Rent a property until you are sure you are staying in one place, do not forget the costs involved in purchasing a home. 2) Remember the 28/36 Rule | As Mortgage lenders are making loans more accessible, it is important to remember that housing should not take

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The psychology of pricing a Real Estate property

Let’s look at the four ways that psychology can influence the price. 1. The $19.99 syndrome Many agents price with a 999 or 900 at the end. You always see $199,999 or $199,900. Why does 99 percent of the agent population follow the crowd and price the same way? Well, many agents are not looking