Real Estate Foreign Investors coming to Florida

[Orlando, Florida] It is becoming a very common practice that foreign investors from countries like Canada, Brazil, England, India and Dubai are coming to the United States particularly Florida to invest in Real Estate.

Where might you find these foreign investors?

Well one thing is clear, investors from Brazil are flooding the Miami Real Estate market.

Canadian investors are looking for businesses in the Orlando area, particularly Gas Station’s.

Chinese investment in the United States has come down this year (2014-2015) compared to earlier years.

How are lenders helping?

Lenders are giving out loans at an all time high to foreign investors because of the interest being shown, they also feel confident in lending to the hotel industry because of the consistent traffic of these foreign investors.

Lenders are also coming from out of state to grab a hold of the flood in foreign investments.

Many foreign investors stated that they feel more comfortable having their assets and money in the United States.

It is important to know laws pertaining to investing in Florida real estate as a foreign national.

For an E-2 Visa real estate investment requirement checklist courtesy of our real estate & business attorney reach out to us.

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