How to Succeed In Real Estate | Part 2

Last week we saw Part 1 of How to Succeed In Real Estate, which talked about building a network of people and surrounding yourself with the right people in the industry.

In Part 2 of How to Succeed In Real Estate we will look at how to get new real estate clients & customers on the internet.

Much emphasis is placed on real estate agents needing to become a sellers agent, because once you are a sellers agent “you are guaranteed a sale”.

But how to become a sellers agent is a big question? Unless you work for a reputable company that receives and gives their agents leads, your chances of someone “FINDING” you is slim.

How can a real estate agent be “Found”?

First start off with who you know, then reach out to who you do not know.

Who do you know?  Family, friends , acquaintance’s and more, almost everybody you know knows somebody who knows somebody that needs a real estate agent, make sure that that somebody knows who to go to when they need real estate services.

If you do not already have yourself branded whether it is through a personal website, social media or other ways of reaching people who are “HUNTING” , this would be your first step.

After you have established your online identity, it is now time to “OPTIMIZE” it. This would require you to do some research as to what customers search for, what methods they use and what keywords they are using.

– This will allow you to optimize your online identity so that you are “FOUND”.

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