How to Succeed in Real Estate | Part 1

Many of us have heard the rags to riches stories but the biggest unanswered question is How?

How did an individual or company find a way to become successful in real estate ? What methods were used that you as an individual or company are not currently using or what are the strategies that are not readily available to everyone?

Here are a few tips to to set your inquiry in the right direction.

Build a network.

Building a network is easy but building the right network is important,  this is parallel to the quote “practices makes perfect”  but that is not essentially true because you can practice all you want but the results may not be favorable so therefore “perfect practice makes perfect”. You must do the right thing for it to work.    This means surrounding yourself with the right people in the industry.

Finding the “right” people to surround yourself with.

There are many people in the industry who offer knowledge, experience, and currency.

These brokers, agents and investors are caked all over the Internet, they are at Seminars, on Webinars, doing speeches, at Expos and more, their signs are on listings, reach out to them. Save every prospective realtor and clients email address when they contact you regardless of whether or not their original inquiry produced results.

Build a referral network, know who to contact when you have a particular real estate inquiry. Social media is a great tool for personalizing you referral network.

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